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Installed 3DMark2001 on my pc, ran it, and it kicked me to my desktop right after the 1st test was finished (truck game at low detail)

Im using Detonator 23.11

Was wondering what everyone else has for experances.

(3DMark2001 still runs fine with my setup)

Geforce2 GTS, Detonator 23.11, Windows XP


It's ok, I guess. The Advanced Pixel Shader test is kinda neat but nothing amazing. It ran fine first time for me but I found that my score had dropped about 100 marks. Turns out I forgot to clean boot, duh! There's a discussion about this in CCO: http://discussions.hardwarecentral.com/Forum11/HTML/017654.html

Alot of people seem to be having problems with it. Strange.

I get about 9100, BTW. Radeon 8500, [email protected], blah, blah..


More # please...



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Have you check out other posts linking to the latest driver 27.43. I guess you have to try different detonator drivers to suit your system spec. Do let us know which driver works best for your system and how much 3DMark you're getting

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I just downloaded SE yesterday and I just formatted and re installed windows on my box. I ran SE and got a score of 3622. 3815 is right around what I usually get on my system (this was while running win98se, @1.4ghz w/ vid card at (215/420). I got the score of 3622 right after clean installing and didnt' have anything overclocked. I kinda thought it would be quite lower considering I jack my fsb up to 150, increase my processor by 42.5%, and oc my video card a bit. Maybe it's XP that i'm using now instead of 98. I have to admit it's a little wierd looking at first...but XP is really nice so far. I haven't had any problems with the det4 23.11's on either os.

AXIA T-Bird 1ghz @ 1425mhz w/ Taisol 760CGK
Iwill KK266-R
Crucial Cas2 384mb @ 150mhz
Leadtek GF2 Pro @ 215/415
2x 20gig 60GXP Raid0
KDS Avitron 17in