3dmark crashing after two hours 145 fsb



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I have a P3550E running at 145 fsb, with a Diamond Viper 770 Ultra Overclocked to 160/190. Sideband is disable, and running at Agp 2x. Everything runs fine, Unreal, Quake 3, etc. So i Decided to test this a bit more, i went to saw a movie and left the 3dmark2000 demo looping. After almost two hours of running, it "crashed", ( close and return to windows ), the computer is still functional, the only things was that exited, the program. What can cause that?
i checked the MBM log, and the highest the Cpu ran was 49C. Im currently Using 128 Pc133 and 128 PC100 ram. I tested them with memtest, and ram is not an issue. what else can it be?