3DMark 2001 score. Is this good or bad for a Duron 800?



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Figured it out. This may take a while to load. I gotta figure out howto reduce the picture size



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Strange. It is only viewable with IE and not Netscape. Wonder what the problem is?


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Use not BMP, but gif =). Or jpeg, or png whatever uses compression.
Well, quite a low score for gf2 ultra. My mx was doing 2300+ on d800, and my mx is really crappy. Make sure u do it right, and set the settings the rigt way for the video card (like antialiasing, etc)



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Well when I open up the program in MS paint, it does not net me save it as anything other than a .bmp I can manually tell it to be a different type, but it comes out bigger. How is this new score? Does it still lack?



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That's better but you're still kinda getting spanked. I personally would expect it to be a bit higher. What are your system specs though? I'm guessing your still using a 100mhz fsb...and this would probably be the problem. If your ram is pc133 and your motherboard supports it...you could try to get that chip to run 133mhz fsb...which most of them did quite easily. You would also need to unlock it (again if it isn't already) then you could run it at 133x6 or 133x6.5 giving you about 800mhz but better scores. It's really hard to say though without knowing your system specs.

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Hmm my TNT2 (160/210) gets about 1750 3dmark2001s when set to default settings (minus AA an 32bit Z-buffer, 24bit used). I was looking at a Ti450 or Ti550 (GF2) but I think I am going to get a Radeon 7500 instead...unless those GF4 TI4200s are cheap enough!

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Well Mad Onion just released 3DMark 2001 SE (second addition). As far as I understand it it is basically a bug fix. Maybe it will include a new cut seen or two. I am 56% downloaded right now. I will post my scores soon.

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Ok here is something for you to compare it to. Also once you get the screenshot in .bmp you can get a free program , "Adobe Active Share" from http://www.download.com That will convert the file to a .jpg a much smaller format for posting on the web.

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press "print screen" on your keyboard and then open whatever paint program and "paste" the picture, you can also convert in bmp format by simply save the picture in different format
sorry if somebody allready said it in former posts

My score is around 3500 (specs bellow)

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