3dmark 2000 fillrates of GF, GF2 and V5



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i know what the theoritical fillrates of these cards but what is the actual fillrate, well atleast what 3dmark 2000 says. for both single and multi-pass.


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Well, for GeForce 256 cards the fill-rate at single-texturing is far below the the spec'd 480Mpixel/s fill-rate. That's due to the mameory bandwidth, that's holding the system back. SDR GeForce at single-texturing scores about 270Mpixels/s (I don't remember though, it was something around that) and DDR GeForce scores around 400Mpixels/s at single-texturing. At multi-texturing both of them come real close to the sepc's 480Mtexels/s, that's because memory isn't so much of a bottle-neck at multi-texturing.

About GeForce 2, I never saw it's real fill-rate at single-texturing for 3DMark 2000, but the multi-texturing fill-rate indicates it's acheiving 1200Mtexels/s. Why not 1600Mtexel/s as spec'd? Well, it seems that 1200Mgetexels/s is all that the 166Mhz DDR memory GeForce 2 comes along will handle. It's beyond all doubts that GeForce 2's 5.4 Gb/s memory bandwidth is too low for the fill-rates of this powerfull processor. But even with this memory GeForce 2 still is a good board. Faster memory chips should be available soon, I hope GeForce 2 cna get a boost with them...