I am curious what will 3Dfx company will do in the future after voodoo3? Will they be running higher AGP than 4x? What kind of ram will the video cards use??



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Well right now they are planning the voodoo 4 and 5 for april. They DO support 4x, and have from 32-128 mb SDR SDRAM.


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Cannot imagine buying Voodoo5, although it seems great. I do believe that the NV15 is coming sooner than the Voodoos, right?

Well, I say so much unnecessary things is of no use as I have no money to get anything more now......


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I'm waiting for the Voodoo5 as well. They have a 6000 model that'll cost US $ 600.00 so I think I'm aiming for the Voodoo5 5000... around $ 250.00. If the 5500 model isn't much more than maybe we should all go with that.

I'm just not an Nvidia lover.


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3dfx makes a damn good product. THey are compatible with everything. I have never had anything else, I went from my Voodoo rush 4mb to a V3 2000. I have always had good luck with em. Never tried the nvidia but when I see guys calling theirs the glitch force pro, I feel thankful I have my voodoo.



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I have to agree, although V4 / V5 could be as bad as the Gefarce, these cards are getting more complex. I have not been that impressed with my Glitch Force Pro and I can't recommend it. It is currently the fastest card you can buy and is top in Q3.

That however is not enough, the list of issues with this card is endless and certain games just don't run well on it... (UT, half-life, or at all... (Midtown Madness).

I've had it since xmas and have had ten different drivers, unending tweaking none of which solve the issues totally. It's better now but just not good enough. I'd probably put my old Voodoo 3 2000 back in if I still had it.

I'm not slagging off Nvidia, just this card should not have been released before proper testing, just to get a Xmas release. I also still prefer Glide to open GL and Direct3D.

I'm just preying the V5 6000 is going to be good........I wish 3Dfx would get their finger out



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I'm waiting for the Matrox G800.
It's not really an gaming card but I like the quality.

And it seppose to do something else that sepposingly would do much better then the NV20.