3dfx,stb and voodoo3 oooooch



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Get ready for prices to sky rocket. 3DFX AND STB TODAY announced they where going to merg and though they would continue to sell all current chips to other board makers like diamond and creative labs. They WILL not sell any other chips after what is currently on the market including voodoo 3 chips to other board makers, They state on yahoo. THAT they are tired of the price pressures and by offering there own product to the market and
IN components for upgrades and to the
off the shelf computer builders. (dell- compact ect) they can IN THERE words have a much higher profit margin. IT looks like if
you are going to want voodoo3 it is going to
cost so mighty dollars. Steve


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Well, thankfully there's NVIDIA RIVA TNT. I mean, if game programmers would just hurry up and write the games to actually run under OpenGL instead of always 3Dfx it won't matter how much 3Dfx charges for their voodoo's. Better yet, once NVIDIA moves to their promised .25 micron chips, the boards will blow away the 3Dfx's...even voodoo3's I would imagine. Of course, don't get me wrong, I own a Monster2 & V550...so i got both worlds to work with. Love'em both...too bad 3Dfx had to go and get greedy.

Food for Though, eh!