3DFX max AGP bus speed



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How high have your folks got your 3000 and 3500 AGP bus speeds up to? I've cranked my 3500 up to around 80 before things started getting weird but it could have been several other things.



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Something must be wrong with the other components because those Voodoo3s i have heard can go fairly high, but the best board for OC is a Matrox.

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Wow 96 is high. Now here is another question. If the PCI bus is underclocked? At 120MHZ FSB the PCI is running around 30Mhz via the 1/4 and I thought that would be better then 40Mhz via the 1/3.

I'm using SCSI hard drives on an Adaptech 2940 Pro and the only other pci devices are a Sound blaster live and a network card.

thanks for the advice guys