3d mark 99 max scores (and any other benches)



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Please post scores that are close to my system below because i wanna know how i check out with others-Thanks
And try to answer some of my questions it would be alot of help and thanks again!

I Wanted to know if this is a GOOD BENCH in 3D MARK 99 MAX- I got 3366= in 3D Marks and i got 3745= in CPU 3D Marks. That was in 800x600 resolution and in 16 bit color,Vsynch off.
My current sys. is an
Intel 440BX2 motherboard with 100mhz sys bus and a PII 400 Mhz-not overclocked
3dfx V3 3000 AGP
By the way what is Vsynch??and is 60 to 80 hz refresh rate bad??? because in some games it runs high fps but my monitor or sys blinks sometimes or pauses very breifely - should i get another monitor and what kind?? is View Sonic a good brand?? thanks for all of you guys help - if u can