3D Mark 2000 Scores



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I just tested my machine with 3DMark 2000 and I'm not sure my score is good. Is 2792 a decent score??

AMD Athlon 700
Asus K7M Motherboard
3DFX Voodoo3 3000
64mb RAM
Aureal SQ2500

Please Give me your scores. Or tell me if this is Crap.


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All defaults: 3333

P3 550e @ 733
V3 3000 @ 200mhz
128 pc133 ram
Sb Live

I'd say yours is not too bad.


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You V3 3000 is at 200mhz?????? How?? Do you have a fan on it?? I bought a 486 heatsink and fan but don't know if I should put it on my V3 3000. Do you know of any places to get a good fan??


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Yes, my v3 has a fan off a cheap heatsink. There was a person around here saying they had a v3 2000 at 210mhz. I am skeptical of that.


help help help
i have heat sinks on both sides of my voodoo 3 2000 and one with a fan on it and i syill can not get it above 172 any higher it just keeps crashing

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GeForce owners have a lop-sided advantage in 3DMark 2000!

I get 3399 with a TNT2U. I am looking for further tweaks/tips from the forum!

Tyan Trinity 400, Rev. 4, BIOS 1.07
FC-PGA 500E @ 700MHz

Global Win FKP-32
128MB PC100 Cas2 SDRAM
Xentor32 TNT2U @169/183

Long live the Flip Chip

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3D Mark2000 = 5336 (1024X16)

Pentium III 750 @ 840Mhz
128MB PC100 SDRAM (3-3-3)
CL Annhilator Pro (133/351)
CL SBLive! (Full Version)