3D Mark 2000 Benchmarking... What Are Your Results™



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well...got DX8 and got another 19 marks to make a whooping total of


what do you guys have your AGP settings at? in the bios

Ill have that PIIIIIIII to go please


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p3 650 at 910 alpha cooled
384 megs of pc100ram
prophet ddr 140/345
live xgamer
netgear nic
9.1 u2w lvd quantum
plextor wide
pioneer 6x slot scsi
super floppy LS 120
zip 250 usb
mid tower
20" sony




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Yeah, my first post!

Sorry [CoD]ExEc, looks like I have the coolest score!

Biostar 8500TVX
96 MB 60ns EDO-RAM in 4 simms (2 16mb, 2 32mb)
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 PCI, 4mb (S3 Virge)

129 3Dmarks
11 CPU 3Dmarks

Thats right, less than 200, I've got you by over a hundred marks [CoD]ExEc. Oh and for all of you worried about your fps in games...

Game 1 - Helicopter - Low Detail 2.0 FPS
Game 1 - Helicopter - Medium Detail 1.5 FPS
Game 1 - Helicopter - High Detail 0.8 FPS
Game 2 - Adventure - Low Detail 3.3 FPS
Game 2 - Adventure - Medium Detail 2.0 FPS
Game 2 - Adventure - High Detail 1.2 FPS

Thank God I'm getting a computer this fall when i goto college.

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Got my new computer running:

Athlon [email protected] (for now)
Abit KA7
Micron 128megs PC133 @ 133 hostclock+pciclock

3200 3dmark2000 scores.

Thats much better than 1080 that I got with my PII300.

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damn... [CoD]ExEc and Crazy4Fire, I thought noone could get lower than me. back to the ati 4mb

AMD K6-233
Fic PA-2011
64MB PC-100 DIMM
Creative Labs 3D Blaster BANSHEE 16MB PCI w/ Chris's drivers 1.4b
Creative Labs 56K Modem Blaster PCI
Creative DVD-Inlay card
Diamond Monster Sound MX300
Maxtor 10.0GB
Creative 2x/20x DVD-Rom
50x CD-Rom


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If I only had a mobo... I'd throw together a system that would spank you guys' crap scores!! I have an ORIGINAL Pentium 60.. yep, the one with the bug... and I'd put it with a 1Mb Cirrus Logic vid card I've got in the bottom of a box, and coupled with a spare 4MB SIMM... you guys would be HOSED... I bet I could pull a 3DMark of 50....

Big Lar

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Got my Asus 7700 Up N runnin today/ defaults, Including Video card defaults, ( NO OC YET ),
6364 at 1024/
What a difference, I will start Tweaking tomm, to see what I can get outta this card,I am just Happy it does my favorite fsb

P3 650 at 948
Asus 7700 GTS
256mb pc133 Mushkin

Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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i got a AMD 80486DX2 80MHz o/c'ed to 100MHz with a 1mb card, i could put in the 512k trident cards that i have layin around. come to think of it, my dad has an old 386 layin around in his closet. a friend brought over some old compaq 486 *i believe* this is what they are.

AMD K6-233
Fic PA-2011
64MB PC-100 DIMM
Creative Labs 3D Blaster BANSHEE 16MB PCI w/ Chris's drivers 1.4b
Creative Labs 56K Modem Blaster PCI
Creative DVD-Inlay card
Diamond Monster Sound MX300
Maxtor 10.0GB
Creative 2x/20x DVD-Rom
50x CD-Rom


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CPU Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz
(No damned SMP support. What about 'tomorrow's games', Mad Onion? T&L is the best and SMP is never going to happen?)
3D Accelerator 3dfx Voodoo5
(The reason why 3dmarks mean crap to me anymore. Unfair bias for T&L and against FSAA. For notes, my no FSAA and FSAAx2 scores differ by less than **50 points** FSAAx4 unfortunately lags at about 1/2 the original marks.)

This is FSAAx2:

3DMark Result 3481 3D marks

CPU Speed 192 CPU 3D marks

Game 1 - Helicopter - Low Detail 71.0 FPS

Game 1 - Helicopter - Medium Detail 45.2 FPS

Game 1 - Helicopter - High Detail 18.1 FPS

Game 2 - Adventure - Low Detail 86.3 FPS

Game 2 - Adventure - Medium Detail 44.2 FPS

Game 2 - Adventure - High Detail 25.4 FPS

Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 316.0 MTexels/s

Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 592.2 MTexels/s

High Polygon Count (1 Light) 3490 KTriangles/s

High Polygon Count (4 Lights) 3125 KTriangles/s

High Polygon Count (8 Lights) 2756 KTriangles/s

8MB Texture Rendering Speed 263.3 FPS

16MB Texture Rendering Speed 256.1 FPS

32MB Texture Rendering Speed 161.1 FPS

Screensaver kicked on as 64Mb was beginning, 3dmark died. I'm not here to start another GF2 vs. V5 flame, I'm just saying that V5 and GF2 are currently state of the art, and the perfect accelerator for two different groups. For the online fragfest Q3A guys, GF2 leaves all others far behind. For the 3d for the sake of great visuals people V5's 2X FSAA puts it head and shoulders above the competition. The bottom line is this: The V5 and GF2 are exceedingly close in a great number of categories, and real life T&L usage in games is not showing anywhere near the benefits 3dmark gets. I feel it is misleading to the potential customer to see a tweaked out V5 box managing only ~4000 marks while GF2 systems slam out 6000-7000 90% of the time. I agree that GF2 is faster, but almost twice as fast? Give me a break. Most benchmarks put GF2 and V5 withing a few fps of each other, with GF2 breaking away by 10 fps or more very rarely (never?). I bought my V5 for 50$ less than a GF2 and I'm happy with it. All I ask is that 3dmark de-weight the T&L scores, as they are badly misleading. please email [email protected] if you support this idea and would like to be included in a list I'm submitting to Mad Onion.

And the beat goes on...


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3,400 3DMarks

PIII 500E FC-PGA @ 700 (1.7V)
MS 6905Master Slocket
Tyan Trinity 400 Rev. E, BIOS 1.07
128MB 8ns Cas2 PC100 SDRAM (Micron)
Xentor32 @ 169/186 (Detonator 5.32 Drivers)
Win98 FE
DX 8 Beta
3DMark 2000 Version 1.1

Any ideas how to improve my score?

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1024 X 768 X 32

List down the hardware:
  • Processor: P3/933
  • Motherboard: Asus P3V4X
  • RAM: 256 meg PC-133
  • Videocard: Asus V6800 Pure (GeForce DDR)
3D Mark 2000 score: 5013

same setup @ 1024x768x16: 5020

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1290 version 1.1 with Direct X 8.0 beta;
Only a fraction of what you high end guys are getting; I am jealous

AMD K6-2 600 @ 2.8 V
VOODOO 3 2000 @ 183 MHZ
15.3 GIG 7200 RPM WD ATA 66 + 6.4 GIG 5400 RPM WD ATA 33
192 MB SDRAM PC100 CAS 2
7200i HP CDRW

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Canadian Gigabyte

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WTF???? My score sucks

1553 3D Marks
84 CPU 3D Marks

Celeron 300 @ 450 MHz
128 MB SDRAM PC100
Gigabyte 32 MB TNT2 PRO

I'm Pull'n For Ya, Were All In This Together.


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Originally posted by JL_in_Vail:
Turn on video BIOS shadow: 3980
Turn off vid BIOS shadow: 5020
Shadowing doesn't seem to make a difference! No matter what setting I try, I still haven't gotten away from 3200s!

Tyan Trinity 400
FC-PGA 500E @ 667MHz:)
Global Win FKP-32
128MB PC100 Cas2 SDRAM
Xentor32 TNT2U @169/183

Long live the Flip Chip!:)


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I know people put a lot of rubbish on these websites so this may be hard to believe. Anway, this guy I know works for Fujitsu in the microelectronics division. Anway, for he is high up and has got hold of a Thunderbird chip bout 3 days ago. I knew it is an ongoing contest here so I thought Id get him to do test and here is as follows on:
Thunderbird 1ghz
256mb 133 Ram
G-force 2 (we think, but being a test machine it has dodgy settings!!)
Adv & Heli - LOW, MED & HIGH - 100.00fps!!
All the rest have stupid results which are high
Overall result 11752 (IT VARIES A LOT!!!!)
Hopefully Screen on the way!!!!!!!! (inside too)
G-Force 2 (We think, it IS a test machine however so it has some dodgy settings)


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Celery 333Mhz
64MB [email protected]
Voodoo 3 2000 AGP

3D Mark 2000 score: 1053

buckle up here we go!
Celery 333Mhz(@417Mhz without any ISA or PCI cards)
64MB PC100 ram
Voodoo 3 2000
15.2GB IBM 5400rpm HDD


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Install DirectX 7.0a

3DMark Result: 5119 3D marks
(CPU Speed: 440 CPU 3D marks)

Install DirectX 8 beta - CRASH!!!

Spend a few hours salvaging system - do I average the score? If so, I got a 1!