3D Mark 2000 Benchmarking... What Are Your Results™



Quantum Physics
Look at that site for Direct X 8.0 again... Microsoft got to the owner of the website.


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1414 3D MARKS

Celeron II 566
EliteGroup P6BAT-A+
128 mb PC133 SDRAM CAS2
Voodoo3 2000 AGP

I'm not overclocking yet, next week. But what the hell is wrong with this, why do I get so damn slow?

Necessary Evil

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looks like 8.0 is going to have Killer T&L support...which is why the Geforces are scoring so high...even without it!!


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It's wither windows or 3d Mark!!

I was getting 5000+
then now 3956

[email protected]
Leadtek Geforece SDR
128 meg RAM
Via 133 Mobo
SB live

went down over 1000 marks when I re-installed windows


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wohoo 377

AMD K6-233
Fic PA-2011
64MB PC-100 DIMM
Creative Labs 3D Blaster BANSHEE 16MB PCI w/ Chris's drivers 1.4b
Creative Labs 56K Modem Blaster PCI
Creative DVD-Inlay card
Diamond Monster Sound MX300
Maxtor 10.0GB
Creative 2x/20x DVD-Rom
50x CD-Rom


Quantum Physics

Wasnm't there a contest here before about who could actually get the lowest 3D Marks?

Big Lar

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Heh!!!! I get 3555 with the defalts right now, But I just placed an order for an Asus 7700 GTS about an hour ago / that outta change the specs a bit I hope

P3 650 at 948
G400 max
256mb pc133 Mushkin

Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!


Silent & Cool.....
Big Lar

How the hell are you diddling then???

Welcome to v7700 club
have a look here, I've already started tweaking mine


I really love mine and haven't had any issues other than a problem with the Asus overclock util. It runs my games like a dream and the Smart Doctor is excellent.

if you require it Geforce FAQ

I'm now using the 5.30 Beta Nvidia detonators and you may need HZ Tools if you try these and get stuck at 60HZ vertical refresh at all resolutions.

Let me know if you need any input, I've learnt a lot about these cards, have a look at this thread. It's really ironic considering I had my HWC username before the Geforce existed, Erich and I used to joke about being unpaid beta testers.


Bye the way that copy of office 2K has missing files, let me know if you need another.

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Necessary Evil

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Well...I downloaded the New AGP drivers for my Asus k7v, Downloaded the new ndivia drivers...and even the SB drivers...and I got (drum roll)...........


Athlon 700, Asus k7v, 128mgs @133mhz 3-3-3, Hercules prophet II gts 64mg. Time to turn down to 2-2-2 and look at my overclocking options.................. also maybe oc the vid card as well....


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I was wondering if someone can send me direct x8.I check the sight out that was posted before and its was close do to people downloading it.So if someone can send me it or post another sight thats has its I would be gratefull.

P.S. my E-mail [email protected]


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I think I've got the coolest 3Dmark score ever:

With my smashing [email protected], that gives me, well 133 Mhz, cool

Mr. 440LX, still gives me the power I need

128 Mb Pc 100 Ram

Switched my GF DDR to my old Nvidia Riva 128!

And voila: 248!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

248 3DMArks, that kicks ass!!!

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how did you get your Riva128 to run 3D Mark 2k? when i try to run it on my old Riva128 (PCI) it gets all funky.. the textures are gone and stuff.. its wacked..

good thing i'm builing a Thunderbird system on the 11th..

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