3D Mark 2000 Benchmarking... What Are Your Results™



Quantum Physics
Benchmarks Please... here are the rules:

1024 X 768 X 16

List down the hardware:


You can download the application at http://www.madonion.com/download

It Is Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer

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Quantum Physics
3,656 3D Marks

Intel Pentium II 400 MHz
Asus P3V4X motherboard
256 MB SDRAM PC100
Asus AGP-V6800 GeForce DDR


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I forgot to mention in my mail that I have lost any faith I had in 3dmark as a bench.

I'd always suspected it to be a bit "Think of a number and times that by Britney's vitals"

I was getting 6994 with the default. I recently downloaded it again as I was hoping they may have improved the smoothness of the max engine (wrong). Uninstaled the old version - registry removed all traces - installed the new Version, (which I stress has the same version no and is exactly the same as far as I can tell,)and now I get 4888 and I haven't changed anything including settings.

The pretty looping demo is the only worthwhile feature, and I'm not sure that is testing the systems stability any more than testing it's own

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P3-700/100 at 933/133
MSI 6309 socket 370 MoBo
256 MB cas2 PC133 sdram
Hercules 2 GTS 64 MB DDR

3DMark: 6251
cpu mark 464


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ok what am i missing here?

2730 marks
164 cpu


PIII 650 @ 910 140fsb
128M EMS memory
Voodoo 3 2000 AGP @ 180

what am i missing here? is the voodoo just that outdated?

p.s. im getting a V5 5500 soon...i heard that the 16mb V3 has the limitation of having to run to the system memory when it runs out of its own memory and that slows it down like hell...am i correct here? or am i missing something else??

Ill have that PIIIIIIII to go please


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The GeForce cards will always score a lop-sided victory over other non-GeForce cards in the 3D Mark test because it favors hardware T&L present on the GeForce chips.

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CPU: PIII [email protected]
Mobo: Abit BH6 Rev 1.1
Video: Asus V6800 DDR @ 150/350
RAM: 256 PC115 (rated 133) 2-2-2

5908 3DMarks.

CPU Marks: Unknown. Will test when I get home.


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hell It ain't even Celly 920 and PIII920MHz!!!

Wow does that mean that I'm using the full 256k of my core?!? ( joking )!!!


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How accurate is this program for system benching?

athlon 600
asus K7M
128mb pc100
ATI Rage Fury 32mb

I really think this program relies all on video cards to get its results which isnt a very good bench for accuracy...as far as computer speed my system is faster then most I have used. in fact while in use it kills my friends PIII 500 with 128mb he has a voodoo3 3000 and scores over 3000 on this
so I really question this programs validity as a good benchmark


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Well don't I feel slow!

P3 550E, 64 megs RAM, Voodoo3 2K, MOBO unkown...

3D Mark of 2140!

Why is it so slow? I also agree with Shank. I thnk that it relies heavely on the Video card, as these results show.

Well, I overclocked my video to 166mhz from 143 and my score jumped up to 2490, a little better, but still not too impressed!

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CPU: PIII-500 @ 625Mhz (5x125)
Mobo: Abit BE6-II
RAM: 2x128Mb PC-100 (Micron)
Video: G400 32Mb DH @ MAX speeds

Score: 3143 3DMarks



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thats the best one so far

CPU: PII 300
Mobo: Intel SE440LX
Ram: 128megs
Video: Diamond Viper V770 Ultra

Will have this by the weekend hopefully
Athlon 700
Abit KA7
128megs PC133

Keeping the video card. I hope I get better performance with the Athlon. Already got the cooler (K7 G-Orb).

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3D mark 2000 has been used fairly regularly these days... it is pretty much a standard bench in many hardware review. Occasionally some specific settings in Athlon mobos will result in low scores... and in cases you should note that the SSE and 3DNow! Support on the nVidia cards are probably better. Most people with high score probably tweak their comp out with the latest AGP drivers and etc. In either case, I think 3DMark is fairly accurate... check their online browser result, check the Processor and 3d Accelerator scores for more detail, I'm positive unless you're one of the rare case, they would have scored your processor or 3d card near its likes.

Anyways, you should always keep every aspect of your computer updated. Dont limit yourself to your video card's driver. Grab the latest BIOS for your mobo or flash the BIOS around and find the fastest one. Tweak your butts off!

Anyhow here are my crap score.

3DMark score of: 3800
P3 [email protected] (4.5x133)
Soyo 6VBA 133
64MB Hitachi PC100 6ns and
64MB NEC PC133 at 130mhz 222
Guillemot 3D Prophet SDR @ 140/175

Actually the 3800 score is when I got the card at 135/175 but I doubt there'll be much difference. Fill rate went from 540 megapixel per sec to 560 though. Love that 4 way pipeline. Course compare to the GTS 2 gigapixel... heh.

(wooops. forgot my mobo.)

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Processor: [email protected]
Motherboard: Soyo sy-6vba133
RAM: Crucial PC133 CAS2
Videocard: Elsa Erazor X SDR 32megs

MY score is.....3530
Oh man that is dismal.

I got my Abit Slokit today I'll bump the Volts up and see what it tops out at.