I am trying to get my new password that I had emailed to the wrong address. I go by 2x4 and did not correctly enter my email address while changing it. I in hope emailed the address the password was sent to, maybe some one will answer. If not can I have a new one for the username 2x4 sent to the correct address. The email address for the name I am using to write this is where I can be notified. Thanks.


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Sorry BrianH. The address in the post was the address I was changing to but the adress I put down was just [email protected], which is not mine( because i forgot about the "met"after my name) so I lost my new password. The old address if needed was [email protected] for the username 2x4. The name I am posting with now is my new and permenent name. I have also deleted the 2x4met account from bellsouth so if needed I can be contacted at the address I am postin with now.Thanks.