2nd EIDE HDD with UWide SCSI



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I'd like to install a second HDD; I want to buy an EIDE disk and to install it as second disk; the first one is a UWide SCSI 2. Is there any problem ? I don't think so...
I suppose the BIOS will look for the EIDE disk at the startup and it would be nice for me because I'll use it for installing another OS for evalutation purpose, so I don't need the SCSI disk for the moment. Thanks for any suggestion !


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You shouldn't have any problems with this at all. Just remember that if this is IDE drive is to be partitioned in multiple times you should disconnect the SCSI drive even after you set IDE as the boot sequence. Do your partitioning and formatting, then hookup the SCSI again. Now you will never see the IDE and SCSI drives have there respective partitions interupt each other. IE; C: SCSI1 D: IDE1 E: SCSI2 F: SCSI3 G: IDE2

This is just an example of improper partitioning when using SCSI and IDE and the CMOS booting options.

I have mine as Win98 (IDE) WinNT SCSI Linux SCSI.