250meg Zip Drive Question



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is the 250meg really fully compatable with the 10-0meg disks? cause if it is, then there would be no point getting a 100meg one then right? (unless you don't want to spend the extra money)
also is only 1meg/min fast enough for the USB model? compared to the 3meg/min or so on the internal.


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Yes 250MB Zip drives will work with 100MB disks. But for the price you can get a cd writer and have a storage capacity of 650MB. But if you still want to get that zip drive here are the speed ratings:
Parallel-just plain worthless (super slow)
USB-pretty fast


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I've tested them all... the internals are far better than the externals. Get an internal EIDE. There are no more internal SCSI's so you'll be forced to get the EIDE.

You're going to love it I assure you!


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I have SCSI 100 Zip on mine and thought it runs pretty fast.. but when I went to school which they have Interal IDE Zip, they seemed to run at fast as the SCSI! daaaaamn! Get the IDE. cheaper, let's hassel, and sits comfortably in the machine without any wire/cable all tangled up.


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I took a look at the 250MB Zip USB version and the transfer rate was not bad, 900KBps. Given that the transfer rate of USB maxes out at about 12MBps, the USB port is definitely not what is holding the transfer rate down. I suspect that the EIDE and SCSI will perform very close to each other, and looking at the pics of the USB version, I would go with it. In K4's words,"looks pretty slick." Think I might get it to take the place of my piece of crap parallel zip, I think it has 1bps transfer rate!

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