2 Video cards at the same time?


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Ok, i have been posting my 2 cents here lately, now i have a question...I currently have the FIC PA2013 v2 motherboard and the STB Velocity 4400 in one PCI slot, and the Soundblaster Live in PCI slot #2. I would like to add a 3d only card like the Beast, VooDoo2, or Banshee. Which one will be the top performer and work with the STB card, and how do i chain them together? If you are wondering why i dont have the STB in AGP form, i just got this motherboard......I appreciate all feedback


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Ok voodoo 2 i think is what you are looking for, the banshee is 2d-3d card..and voodoo is 3d add-on card....Hooking up to a voodoo is no problem, with their handy pass through cable....
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