2 Older Dell Dimension SCSI Computers For Sale - Other Stuff Too



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I have two of my older Dell Computers that I converted over to SCSI for sale. Here are the specs as best as I can remember:

1. 450Mhz Pentium II with 2 IBM 4GB SCSI2 Hard drives and an Adaptec SCSI card. 8MB AGP Vid card and 192MB RAM. 56K ISA Modem and NIC card. Sound Card. Has ZIP drive but doesnt work. CD, Floppy, etc... $330

2. 333Mhz Pentium II with 2GB Seagate SCSI 2 Hard Drive and SCSI CDROM (Speed unknown). 128MB RAM, 4MB PCI Vid Card, NIC Card, Floppy, Onboard Sound, etc...$200

I also have:

Quantum 6.4GB Fireball lct - $30
IBM 4.3GB DCAA-34330 - $25
Maxtor 5.1GB 90510D4 - PENDING
Maxtor 4.3GB 84320D4 - SOLD
Western Digital 2.1GB 12100 - $15
Western Digital 2.1GB 22100 - SOLD
Western Digital 1.6GB 31600 - $10
Western Digital 1.2GB 21200 - SOLD
Western Digital 639MB 2635 - $6
Western Digital 425MB 2420 - $5

All prices are plus shipping. THANKS!!!

SCSI Beast:
1.33Ghz T-Bird, ASUS A7A266, 256MB DDR, 2-IBM 18G 10K SCSI HD, 29160N SCSI, Plex. 16x CDRW, 16x SCSI DVD, 64MB Gladiac Ultra, X-Gamer, Blk Antec Case, 19" GS790, ACS56 Spkrs

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This is what I have left:

Look up for quantities.

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