17" monitors - please HELP!



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I'm looking to buy a 17" monitor, probably either a TAXAN Ergovision 735 or an Iiyama S702GT.

My budget is somewhat limited, but I would appreciate any suggestions for what is the best value monitor available that will last me at least 5 years in performance. Please post if you've got either of these monitors and tell me what you think of them, or any others. Your help is greatly appreciated. THANKS.


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I'm looking to buy a 17 inch monitor also. Iam leaning towards purchasing
the VS7 by KDS. It has an excellent refresh rate and only costs about $240
right now. It also has a KARES warranty. If something happens to it, just call
and KDS will ship a new one to you at no charge. You only have to pay to ship
the old one back to them.


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I would recommend a Viewsonic E771 (0.27) for about $300.00 which I think it's reasonable for the price.
I'm now using a Sony Multiscan 17sf which is I find very good. However, I found that on Sony monitors, they all have 2 very thin lines running horizontally across the monitor. Although they are very fine lines, but I somehow find them quite irritating when the background is white in color. Other than the 2 lines, my monitor perform very excellent for multimedia and graphic especially games.
If you want to go with one monitor for about 5 years, I'd highly recommend go with either NEC or Sony which makes great monitors, but they are also a little pricey. However, the result would never disappoint you because in 5 years' time, I don't think that a cheap monitor would last that long.
But again, in 5 years' time, I don't think you'd still stay with a 17 inch monitor anymore. LCD panels are getting cheaper and in the near future, they may overtake the currenty monitor type.
Hope this will help you a little bit, otherwise, I'm just speaking my thoughts.


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Those lines are common on all Trinotron monitors. If you look real hard, you'll also find two vertical lines. This is due to the Trinotron grid (looks like a tic-tac-toe board). Trinotrons, IMHO are the best monitors-- they're super sharp and seem to wear well.


If you're looking for bang for the buck, I suggest checking out UBID (www.ubid.com) or Auction Warehouse for a refurbished monitor. You can often get a $600 monitor for far less that will come with a 90 day warranty or some such.


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If you want quality, use Hitachi.
I don't know if they have cool 17" monitors.

But their Hitachi 19" SuperScan 751 is the best i have ever seen/used.


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Here's my $.02 -
Some MAG Innovision monitors use Sony Trinitron tubes, are priced way less than the Sony mintors, and picture quality is as good. They have many different models, but the DX700T is a 17" with Trinitron tube for $300.
I have a Sony monitor and the image quality is bright and vivid, but the text is not as sharp as some other monitors (such as Panasonic) that I have seen. Also the convergence factor towards the corners is not as good as it should be - the whites are not sharp and have a red shadow. But over all it has a great picture.
Good Luck!

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and the better Viewsonic monitors use a Panasonic tube. My friend has one of these 17" Viewsonic monitors and it is great.


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We got my mom a KDS VS7, as per Tuck's mention, for Xmas and it's a great monitor; best bang:buck I've found.


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I have the AcerView 77e 17 inch monitor. It's a cheap monitor ($240) and it has a .27mm Dot Pitch. It looks good at 1024x768 but I have yet to try higher resolutions at 16 bit color (I'm waiting for my new graphics card to come in).


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On the Trinitron tubes, those thin lines are
tensioning wires. They hold the aperture grill in place. They bother me as well.
The viewsonics consistantly get good reviews as well as optiquest(owned by viewsonic).


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Back in 96 i bought this 17inch iiyama(vision master pro 9617E) monitor. Its crisp, clear, and has never given me a problem. I think they are about 400 now.