17" Monitor? Yes!



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Yo Guys!
It's now I need your proffesional opinion. I am about to buy a new 17 monitor, and since I didn't have that much luck with the last one I need some help from those who work with monitors, a PC mech or a someone with that status. Or if you are the one who have bought the computer on my list please.....post me a message! (Perhaps you have other, better suggestions) The monitor that I have been keeping a eye on are these following:

Sony ESP200 (anyone know the viewble area?)
Nokia Za 17"
Samsung syncmaster 700s
Samsung 710s
Viewsonic GS771 (or other that you think are good)

Well as you can see the price range is around 400 bucks, my budget is somewhat limited. I am also concerning the radiation factor, TCO95/99 compability, M II, stuff like that. ANY responce will be appreciated! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

mail me at [email protected]