17'' monitor...any suggestions??



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I am planning to buy a 17" HITACHI 641 monitor.Any reasons why not buying it?
Can I find a better one at about the same


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I don't know how much your Hitachi is but at work I use an NEC MultiSync 700 and it's wonderful. My buddy has a Sony 17" Trinitron that rocks too.


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Hitachi didn't get a very good review in PC Mag. if that matter to you.

I would consider Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 87TXM. $450 from [email protected] 888-987-5577.

NEC E700 for $440 from Buycomp.

Or Iiyama visionmaster pro 400. $410 from Sir Computers.

Finally Optiquest V775 for under $400, do pricewatch search.

Depending on $ I would seriously consider one of these.



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I would highly recommend NEC Multisync. It has a small dot pitch (.25) which is great for multimedia and graphics. I'm now using a SONY Trinitron Multiscan 17sf and it works really well. I don't really think that HITACHI has good monitors, but who knows!!!

Good luck


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I too have an NEC Multisync E700. I love it. My roommate has a 17 in. Mag and mine blows his away.

paul smith

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have a mitsubishi diamond pro 17" that i reckon is on par with my mates Sony Trinitron 17".
Check what refresh rate the monitor can run to, the higher the better , anything above 80hz is good.
the smaller the dp the better, 0.25 is nice,
0.28 not so good, forget 0.30 monitors.




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HITACHI has yet developed IMHo just one monitor i know is perfect (and an extremely lucky award winner) -SuperScan Elite 751.
But i dunno about 641- if it's of the same serie (SS Elite ) it's good. But you may go better with NEC MultiSync E700 or Mitsubishi
Diamond Pro.. Iiyama is good too. If i were you i d choose NEC. If you are limited financially , go get Compaq V75 or Samsung
700p - they worth their money, and among the best by the way 8). Don't choose nobrands -
your eyes ll be sorry. Good Luck.

try www.zdnet.com
and visit some monitor manufacturer websites, and seek for 'Awards' link - that will give you almost clear idea and a lot of additional usefull bookmarks.


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Actually, Hitachi monitors perform quite well. Many graphics users (both PC and Mac) spec their systems with Hitachi's. I have a stepson who is a graphics artist and when I built his system the Hitachi monitor was a specific request. Even Gateway, after doing much testing, uses Hitachi 19" monitors as their upgrade unit (private-labeled with the Gateway name printed on them). Color and resolution are excellent. They're quite easy on the eyes. Don't fear Hitachi. My experience is that they're quality in every respect.