17" Monitor and 2 questions



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Hi, I have a 17" LG Flatron 775FT monitor. I have 2 questions about it. I hope you give me answers and help me;

1-) When I look to the fonts (large or small) very closely and attentively, I see some swarmings (prickles) on them. For example I open Control Panel and look carefully to "Sounds and Multimedia" writing (it is hard to see it) and I start to see an activity on the writings after some time. This is happening on all screen resolutions and on all refresh rates and can not be seen from normal distance. I mean I can not see and realize this activity when I use it at proper distance. Everything is normal. I think it is the scanning method of the monitor. Is this normal? or is this a scanning fault?

2-) I detected a slight flicker at the 75Hz refresh rate available in 1,024x768. Is this normal? Can this be happen on any other monitor? Or is this an unusual thing?

Thank you very much for your answers and time.


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Make sure you dont have and fans or unsheilded speakers near you monitor. But thats porbibly not your problem.