16/10/40 TDK veloCD ReWriter



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Just curious as to what you all think about the 16/10/40 TDK veloCD ReWriter. I have looked for reviews about this new cdrw but cannot seem to find much. I'm in the market for a new burner, (replacing my old SLOW Ricoh MP6200s 2x2x8x). I have looked and read alot on the Plextors and leaning toward them especially the 12x10x32x. Please help me make up my mind.....


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We tried the TDK velo and had so many problems with it, we took it back and got the old reliable HP.
The problems were all related to setting it up. Even with updated drivers from the website it would not work.
I just installed a HP 9300i 10x4x32 on my T-Bird 1 gig. 30 min from install to buring CDs (that includes closing up the case).
At approximatly 100MB/min, I know its not as fast as the 12x10x32 your eyeing, but its a small sacrifice for a dependabe CD-R.