12v to 7v conversion....anyone have the link?



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sorry to post this again, but someone had posted a really thorough walkthrough about 12v to 7v conversion for case fans.

unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it, and search is returning a mixed bag.

actually, I'm not even sure if it was from an OC site, I think it may have just been a member's site.

thanks for the help.

*planning on switching 2x 92mm Panaflos (12v) to 7v


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use the 2 hot wires from the 4 pin...the yellow is the 12v and the red is 5v...use the 12v as your positive and the 5v as the ground....


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All you have to do is connect the ground wire from your fan to the +5 volt (red wire) out on your PSU...


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okay thanks.

anyone have a site with a 'walkthrough-for-idiots-like-me' that has pics/diagrams.

sorry, this is my first time to work with electrical mods. wanna make sure i don't blow anything up.

thanks again.

*i've been looking on the net, and all the mods i've seen are the fan/bus/bay type walkthoughs. I just want to switch voltages.


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Everything you want including Pics

A heads-up

Swap out the pins in the fan only, never the PSU. I once changed the pins around on a double up psu four pin lead and in my haste connected it to the HDD instead of the fan. One Quantum paper weight later
I'd learned my lesson. Also mark the fan connector with a permanent marker pen as to the voltage mod so you always know in the future.

If you go by the above link and follow my tip it will work fine. I have two 80mm's running at 7v ATM.

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