1 long beep ...

after fittin a pc together i turn on power and im greeted with 1 long beep then 3 short beeps fans r on etc 450W psu workin new...????????????????

any ideas???



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check manual/support page of motherboards manufacturer, for what the order of beeps mean
might give you an idea where to look at for the solution


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Hmmm sounds like it. I would suggest trying the card in another machine, that way you can be sure if it is the card.

Good luck :)


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was the second card you tried an AGP one as it could be the AGP slot if the second was a PCI
Todd a

Todd a

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Make sure the card seats good. What power supply you got? maybe your system isn't providing enough juice for the card. Turn off AGP fast writes and AGP 8x. As MuFu says up the AGP voltage a bit. It could be the card just doesn't like your system (some sort of internal timing issue or something stupid like that). You could try RMAing the card.