1°) Holemaking in case ;2°) Thermal Grease ;3°) O/c c433 worth it?



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1°) Holemaking in case ;2°) Thermal Grease ;3°) O/c c433 worth it?

Three questions here:
1) ,I have a Aopen HX Midi-case. There is room for an additional case-fan in the front. But in te 'plastic' front pannel there is'nt a hole. How do you make these? (I dont have special figure saws)
2°) Does Thermal grease on a Celeron 433 with retail heatsink/fan rely matters that much (in degrees?)
3°) SHould I (try to) o/c my c433 PGPA? Does it make much difference between 433, 480 or 540?



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1) I also have an AOpen HX45 mid-tower. There is room for a second case fan in the front of the case but there is no hole on the plastic front panel. However if you open the case and tip the computer on its side, you will see that there are air holes in the chassis, and there is a cutout at the bottom of the plastic front panel which allows air to enter into the gap between the metal chassis and the plastic front panel. From there it goes through the air holes in the chassis.

If you're really crazy about cooling then sure, hack a hole in the front of the case anyway. But I've seen it done, it looks bloody awful. If you want better airflow just enlarge the hole on the underneath of the plastic bit, and drill out the chassis air holes so that there is more air space than metal (as opposed to the stock configuration of more metal than holes for air). Remember to remove EVERYTHING from your case before doing this and make sure you don't get any metal fragments in the power supply!

2) Yes it does. The retail heatsink/fan probably has a thermal pad which is better than nothing. Touch the heatsink, if it's warm then you've got at least decent heat conduction. If the heatsink is cool to the touch then it's not getting any heat from the CPU. Remember that a hot heatsink is doing its job, a cool heatsink is leaving the CPU to roast.

3) Definitely try. How far you can push it depends on your cooling and how close the chip is to its limits.

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You can probably count on ~492 which is FSB = 75 .....
This should work at stock voltage 2.0 with a standard

We just do not hear many (I have not heard any) success
stories about OC'ing this chip any higher.. The 6.5 multiplier
is the killer... If you start spending a lot of money on
radical cooling solutions, you would do just as well to go
ahead and buy a Celly 500 or one of the pre-tested 366's
that do 550 for sure...


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I allready made the holl. Looks pretty neat
I made it with a... mmm.. don't know the English word... you ca ncut paper with it and break of small parts if the knife (so you always het a shapr edge). Tha making of the hole took 30 min of hard labour

I also have a Fan with bracket. I put in in the lower ISA slot. Now it sucks air out, but I'm going to try and reverse it.
The case looks neat on the inside. Put all the IDE excess cables between HD and floppy drive in open bay.
I think i'm going to close the air many air-gaps at the side to ghet more presure. 2 Fans in and 1 out (power fan)... maybe a hole at top of case...
That should do it

Maybee thermal grease, and then we are all set