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I have an L&C 250W PSU, only 9A on the 12V rail but it works for an older system or one without too many peripherals. 20-pin mobo connector, 4 x 4-pin molex connectors, 1 x 4-pin FDD connector. Not for a microATX case, it's standard size. I upgraded to a 600W PSU, this is too good to pitch. PM for email address.

Also have a no-name "400W" PSU that came in a cheap case I bought, if anyone feels brave enough they can have it. 20+4 pin mobo connector, 4-pin P4/AthlonXP mobo connector, 1 x SATA, 4 x 4-pin molex, 2 x 4-pin FDD connectors. 20A on the 12V rail. Never used. Use at your own risk. Seriously--I won't use a cheap PSU, but if someone wants it...


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I have an old compaq presario and could use one 256mb card to make it run like a normal computer, lol. if anyone has anything, please let me know.


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If you need anything really really old or obscure you can't find anywhere else, let me know. I literally have floor to ceiling walls of milk crates full of these kinds of things that I need to do something with besides throwing out. I was thinking to start a computer museum of sorts but this has already been done and it is a lot of work.
Instead of posting a list of stuff here, I am just going to give you an idea of what I mean.
287,387,487, Weitek
TTL + LPT 8bit ISA cards with light pen connectors
Compaq PCI to 3 16bit ISA Backplanes
Combo 5 1/4 + 3 1/2 HalfHeight
MFM drives and controllers
P1 66,75,90,100,120,133,150,166,200,233 with and w/out MMX
30pin,72pin, SIPP, SIMM, VRAM, etc
Syquest 88s
CPM/80 stuff
MicroChannel stuff
Vesa Local Bus stuff
SPARC stuff
Apple stuff
SCSI stuff
Proprietary stuff

etc etc etc

Those things listed above are only examples of rarer/stranger items and not by any means all that there is. I have lots of common-type things that are just leftovers of all the machines like regular floppies, cdroms, power plugs, smaller-sized IDE and SCSI drives (200Mb-4Gb typically), and things of this nature.

This post was intended to go in the Freebies Section. I do not want any money for anything except shipping whatever the thing is you want. That is why no prices are listed for anything above. Post or PM for requests and I'll do my best to pull it out of a crate somewhere. I'm not sure about how you can send me the shipping. I just signed up for a PayPal (unverified as yet) so if you want to chance that I'm acting in good faith you can use that. Or email/PM me to make whatever arrangements you can live with.
I am not all that familiar with shipping practices, but would prefer to use UPS (as that is what one of my workplaces uses). For estimates I would put $1 customs value since I am not placing any value on these items but it appears something cannot be worth $0 when it goes through customs.You can get your own estimates at their site if you know the weight and type of packaging to use. My Canadian Postal Code to use for Ship From would be M5A 4K5
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damn kaulbach, either your a former business owner or a tech geek with a pack rat problem:D what led you to these forums? and welcome as well...


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Thanks for the Welcome

Thank you for the warm welcome krupted!
Unfortunately I would have to say I am the tech geek with a pack-rat problem LOL although I used to also do freelance consulting.

Do you know, I cannot for the life of me remember the thread which pulled me in here! There are sooo many good ones. And I liked that there were novices as well as experts and felt perhaps there was something I could contribute as well as gain.

As a bio to introduce myself for those that are interested:
I was always a geek, and a hacker in the classical sense. Before I attended kindergarten I disassembled all of my toys because their inner workings and mysteries intrigued me. I had Legos as well. Golden Age writers of SF spurred my dreams. At 9 or 10 years old (this would be sometime around 1976-77) I was determined to try interfacing some ancient line printer to a Commodore VIC20 through it's IEEE488 interface. After months of reading the somewhat extensive and thorough technical reference and experimentation I succeeded and have not looked back. I taught myself 6502 assembly code from articles in The Transactor, and again extensively boring user guides and experimentation. Later I learnt all the Waterloo flavours of programming (BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN,etc) and wrote die-roll simulation programs for AD&D, clones of the old text-based Adventure game,Eliza, RACTER, Life, and other such exercises. I made the hardware I could not afford to buy. I always loved computers not for what they did do, but for the limitless possibilities of the things they could someday be capable of. People I knew were always asking me to MacGyver something up which I could almost always do. My highschool had an old PDP9 which I hacked into (at that time finding and downloading a PDP9 user manual from a dialup BBS with a 110 Baud modem was no mean feat) and then learnt about UNIX and C. My highschool (GA Wheable SS, London Ontario) was also a beta-testing ground for what later became Windows, so I saw the very first IBM PC's that ever existed and was introduced into the concept of a GUI. I crashed that network quite a few times. I tried to surreptitiously wire it to the PET lab and the PDP with some success but frustration of all the IBM and MicroSoft techs who went around unplugging my interfaces. I programmed primitive AI into PAL chips for automated spot-welding robotics. I learnt LISP. I studied microprocessor architecture and electrical engineering at UWO until it became glaringly obvious that what I was learning there was going to be completely obsoleted many times over by the time I would eventually graduate. I became a born-again Luddite. I came in a fugue to Toronto and wandered into some people that had just setup an artist-run studio/dropin in the basement of a church. I hung around, found a few computers from garbage bins to setup word-processing stations and have been there ever since. For a while I worked at a computer recycling place where I was basically the repair dept. I came across a community-based ISP and became intrigued again. The guy who dragged me into it is now the ED and it's more-or-less me and him and about 4 others that keep the whole place going on a wing and a prayer.

All of the hardware etc I have stockpiled is from donations that would otherwise be thrown away from these 2 places, as well as stuff that people just somehow feel inclined to give it to me, since whenever they ask me to save them from PC hell I only charge what I need and I always try to make things right. I am the dogged type that will try all 255 combinations of an 8pin DIP when I don't have the manual to make something work.

Currently I work enough at the art centre and the ISP to pay my share of the rent and bills (just barely) plus my friends shoot me cigarette money when they have computer emergencies I go and fix. Once in a while I still get corporate/business gigs but never by approaching anyone, they always have heard from someone I'm "The Guy" and I get a phone call from out of the blue to go build a computerized DMX lighting contoller interface, or a computerised CCD surveillance system, or something else interesting which I don't decline. After these sorts of gigs is when I usually think about upgrading or how much to put on the electrical bill, etc.

Right now my current conundrum is how to get Xandros installed on over 2500 old city computers and distribute them with a dial-up internet package to people without money.

Michael Kaulbach

ArtHeart Community Centre
Toronto Freenet


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I wanted to go with some DMX4Linux solution but they were a Windows crowd.
I eventually settled on building the Manolator with FreeStyler as the controller software. I got enough free chips in the mail to build 3 adapters for the cost of the PIC programmer, which I also built from a kit. If you're interested I still have some of the RS482 controller chips around if you want em.


They were pretty happy with this solution BTW, since up to then they had been using a very fussy bunch of analog dimmer equipment to control even their high-end lasers etc in the club.
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AnyBody In The Relative Vicinity of The Dallas Ft Worth Area i Have A Dell Optiplex Gx1 Slot P3 400Mhz With Onboard Everything Including onboard Ati Rage Graphics Controller (needs HD) also A Few Mobos some Older Some not to bad Even have A slew OF PROCESSORS Ranging from K62 To Duron 900Mhz Umm Video Cards all video cards are old Stuff Like Matrox MGA AND ATI rage Cards ....Mabey Even Some PC100 64 chips .....looking for Slot A Pent 3 over 800mhz and for some reason i lost a laser mouse in the move and if by chance anyone has PC 800 128 or larger in identical pairs let me know well be best friends

I can Ship But i Do Not Have Pay Pal
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Resstealth: Have a stick of Siemens 16mx64 PC100 sdram I just took out of a system. Nothing wrong with it. Just had to replace it with DDR. $30


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I have 97 gmail invites I don't know what to do with...shoot me a PM if you'd like one.


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Hey lovemybf2,
I could sure use those here.
how about sending me an e-mail.
So we can discuss this. Thanks>>>>>


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Non profit organization looking for free or cheap stuff

I volunteer in my free time with a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization. I maintain and build their computer systems which are all patched together machines, so things are always going out. We do not get any federal or state funding (by choice). We are funded by private donations, so money is tight. I have used up all the spare stuff that I have (I managed to make three computers for them) and now I need more. I do come out of pocket for many things, but I just cannot afford to do that all the time.

I can mostly use working hard drives, motherboards, CPU's, RAM, CDROM/DVDROM/CDR/DVDR's, power supplies and cases. I can also use software, cabling, and other accessories.

I will pay shipping for free items if I decide I can use them. I am also willing to pay if I can afford to for certain items if I need it.

Feel free to send me an email if you have some things you can contribute or sell at [email protected].

Please visit our site at greystoneranch.com. We can also use donations of many other items which you can find on the website.

Thanks for your attention!

Don Brown


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1. An older desktop tower, Windows 98 I think. Unknown functionality.
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I am new to this, and I am looking to build my first ever computer.

Would anyone mind sending me some things?

I have nothing as of now. So anything will do if it will work. I plan on giving this to my brother, he need a new computer but cant afford it cause he just had a kid.