k62 400mhz system
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Thread: k62 400mhz system

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    k62 400mhz system

    The specs
    amd k62 400mhz cpu
    Generic MB w/ 512 KB cache
    96 mb pc100 ram
    5.6 gig ata33 hard drive
    a-trend 724 sound card
    voodoo3 2000 agp card
    56k soft modem
    16x cd rom
    a floppy drive
    all in a tower case

    I think $350.00 + s&h

    go K7

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    go K7

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    Lightbulb System for Sale

    Hi Prodeath,
    I have similar system,
    INtel 400 MHz , 64MB dimm ram , sis 620 graphics card, wipro-acer monitor ,tvs gold keyboard ,serial mouse, silan network card, gadmei tv tuner , i want to sale the same in $ 50 (all items).
    Any purchasers contact me ..Thanks in advance..

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    I was 17 when this thread was made, i'm 30 now.. do systems like that still command money?!!
    R.I.P Rangeral, To one of HWC's best moderators and a great guy

    By the way, what does BTW stand for?

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    Some utter idiot here in Vancouver has a K6II 233 (just the cpu) on craigslist for $10.

    South Asia, however, is another matter and I have no idea of the worth of gear that old in that market.

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    Faor that same $50.00, you can get a P4 3.0ghz up here.
    Gilles Lussier

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    Samba Pentium 4 2.4GHz 512MB RAM, No HD or OS - $31.99
    Powered by an Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz processor and 512 MB of DDR RAM, this Samba system gives you the power to work through applications quickly and easily. Access CD media and install software with the CD-ROM drive! There's also a floppy drive for quick access to floppy discs.

    Get connected to a network via its 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN. Integrated video and audio are also provided. With DVI and VGA ports, connecting to multiple displays is a breeze. Plus, the Samba includes Type II PCMCIA slots, USB 2.0, FireWire, serial, parallel and audio ports for connecting external PC devices!

    Simply add a hard drive, install the operating system and connect the peripherals!

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    \_______\. ~\ /~ ./_______/

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