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Thread: mouse properties

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    mouse properties

    my mouse works fine,execept i think my batterys are going dead anyways i was looking thru the mouse properties and just wondering what these do.
    sample rate:100 reports / second
    input buffer length:100 packets
    these are the default.

    MSI k7t266 pro2
    AMD xp 1900+@1.6ghz
    geforce 3
    creative audigy platinum
    asus P5AD2 Premium - p4 3.4GHZ - 2x512 dual DDR2 PC2-5300 - 2x Western Digital 200GB SATA raid 0 - geforce 6600GT - windows xp pro

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    the sample rate is how manytimes the mouse cursor refreshes on the screen. Try setting it to a low number, say 50. Then move the mouse across the screen kinda fast and keep your eyes on the pointer, it looks like stop motion doesnt it? then set it to a high value, like 200 if permitted, and try again. Its much smoother now, right?

    thats all that does.

    i dont know about the buffer length though

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