Problems with Nokia 6210 as a modem with cable
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Thread: Problems with Nokia 6210 as a modem with cable

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    Problems with Nokia 6210 as a modem with cable

    I have a Nokia 6210, correct cable, software, and windows NT4. The modem is set-up accordign to the control panel.
    How can I connect to the internet? My dial-up connection dont show the modem, only my onboard modem. What am I missing? Am I correct in thinking I can use Windows Dial-up networking to access the mobile as a modem?
    regards, John

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    I have had similar problems with a 6210, I think I experienced this problem when installing the software from the CD provided

    I downloaded an updated version from the Nokia website and this worked fine

    I know this is a common problems with 6210's and communicators

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    Nokia 6210 downloads at the following link,
    Click HERE.

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    Also if this is a cell phone, you should check to see if you are in a digital area. Also make sure that you check with your provider and see if there is anything you need added to your acct to have it active.

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