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Thread: cd-rom

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    I need help! My cd-rom will not work.

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    What do you think is the reason it isn't working? I can't exactly go nowhere fast to help you. Is it totally busted, or does it work some of the time only, or what? Does it appear to be working? I'm sorry, we need more information before we can help you.

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    Two sources of trouble with CD-rom could be. Hardware and software trouble. For the Software part try procedure below.
    Start computer in Safe mode (Hold CNTRL down during bootup), select safe mode from menu.
    In Safe Mode windows start the 'Device Manager' (Windows Key + Pause or Break key)(Right click on My computer/Properties). Look at the Drivers in the CDrom section. Highlight and remove all drivers listed in that section. Shutdown windows. Restart computer let it start in Normnal mode. CD-Rom drivers will be automaticaly installed. This will solve a software promblem with Drivers.
    If this is a special type of CD-rom like CD-RW or CD-R por CD-DVD type. There are programs that comes with them, May need to be re-installed.
    Its a mystery of cause of CD-Rom, Is this a old CD-Rom (1-3 years)? What Operating system (Windows95,98,98se,ME)? Each has unique fix can use further then replacing CD-rom drivers.
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    I recently purchased a cheapo 50x cd-rom drive for $29 and the thing stopped working after about 3 days. I tried everything and I mean *everything* to get it to work. It had power and was spinning, but was not reading anything. They only thing I could figure was that during moving my pc from one room to another had "jolted" it a bit and basically had thrown the drive out of whack.

    I bought another for $39 (woo-hoo, high-end this time!) and it's been working fine.

    I agree with previous posts, we need a bit more detail as to the nature of your cdrom problem though.

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