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Thread: Hey oldcomputerfreak (or others who know old comps) I'm callin ya out!

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    Well, the chips were manufactured for IBM's PC and PC Jr products originaly (with Tandy the first real clone). But they were always Intel brand names (even if IBM practically drew them up).
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    I think my old TRS-80 Color Computer used a 2Mhz 80C86 or something like that
    No, the coco computer was equipped with a Motorola 6809 processor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd a
    4.77 or 8Mhz 80C88 (186 I think), optional 10 or 20MB hard drive, 720K floppy, 512-640K memory. Man this is a door stop. DOS is about all you will get running on this.
    If you try to get DOS running on it, remember to use an old 720/800 Kb floppy. They're the ones with only one square indexing hole.

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    this is the web page that has the stuff about it on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by david21136
    its a Pentium with not event a gig on it
    Not a pentium, this was before pentiums existed. Windows 3.1 would be a snail on that thing, Windows 95 is out of the question. DOS is prolly the answer.
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    Yup you are right:


    I have worked on several of Radio Shacks old one. My oldest brother had the TRS-80 Model 1, my school had the Model 3 and 4, and onther bother had the CoCo model 1. I eventually picked up the CoCo model 3 when Radio Shack started dumping them for $50. Those were the days man... casset tape drive just rocks!
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    i have the same laptop and it looks like it has a 613mb hd in this thing and it had a system that was natave to that laptop where it had lotus, word perfect, norton intagrator, professional writer and some funky net program a graphics program and one like excel

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