I've been having problems lately with my system crashing and games just closing for no reason. I believe it's do to heat because it only happens when the systems been on for an hour or two, when it boots up from being cold it runs great. I'm on a amd k6-2 350 (vcore 2.2, 3.5x 100fsb, not overclocked). Although the thermostat only says the cpu's at 53C and the mobo is at 43C, sometimes it alarms at like 90C and drops back down to 53C. Maybe it's a thermostat error and it's really hotter than 53C? When I touch the side of the box where the CPU is it's abnormally warm. I'm using the standard h/s + fan w/ exaust fan on the p/s. I just added an intake fan (make-shift ) but it didn't seem to help. It lowered the temp by about 2C. I'm just wondering how I could get it cooler.