SCSI keeps crashing. WHY???
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Thread: SCSI keeps crashing. WHY???

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    SCSI keeps crashing. WHY???

    I bought my first SCSI drive a month ago to replace a aging IDE hard drive. What a nightmare the last four weeks have been. I bought a Quantum 2.1GB narrow QM32275AL,S and I bought a Tekram DC-390U SCSI card. The rest of my computer is fairly normal.
    *fdisk set for 32fat
    *FIC VA-503+ set at 66mh on the bus
    *SCSI is on 0, SCSI card is on 7
    I pulled all my cards out to help find the problem, but the new hard drive crashed three different times after I loaded Windows and all my programs. It runs fine for a few hours. Then I start getting streaks and patterns on the monitor. That's when I know that I am in trouble again. The garbage on the monitor gets worst and worst and finally the system locks up and will not boot.
    I have tried low format, reformat, and everything else I can think of. The local computer repair shops have run out of ideas. I know IDE fairly well, but I know nothing about SCSI. I don't know what to do. I could buy a new control card or a new hard drive, but I sure would like to know why it is crashing. I person needs to know these things if he is going to work on his own computer and trust it.
    PS. I put back in the aging IDE hard drive. It is humming along right now laughing it's *** off at me.
    Zane Kori
    Abilene, Texas

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    Sounds like a classic termination problem. Check your manual(Website?) for whether or not the jumper is supposed to be ON or OFF to terminate the HDD.

    Personally I use the Adaptec 2940UW, it works super and has it's own BIOS.

    Also there is software called 'SCSI Mechanic' that may help diagnose the prob...

    Kind regards> Kash

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