I have a Hitachi laptop computer and it recently "crashed". By this, I mean I did several wrong things. I first had the "A" version of WIN95 and bought a newer version CD-Rom. Not the Update. I wanted to install this new one on my laptop to enable support of a disk-compression program. Not knowing exactly what to do, I restarted in MS-DOS and deleted all files (not directories) in the Windows DIR. This allowed me to install the new WIN95. But, my programs were not accessible on the start menu. I started to cut and paste files and folders from "windows" to "windows.000" (that was the new installation of WIN95). When trying to run some of the programs, an error popped up that a required .dll file was missing. Some other problems also happened, WIN95 failed to start, with an error "couldn't control line A20" because of an XMS problem. My biggest problem right now is: My computer will not boot up at all. I turn on the power, but notheing happens. What can I do, systematically, to get this thing back online. I'm not too concerned about the programs on the hard drive (I can re-install them) but I need to resolve these problems, and I don't know how.

All help is greatly appreciated!!!!!


Richard Shepherd