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Thread: Cordless Monitor Cables

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    Cordless Monitor Cables

    Hi All

    I was thinking the other night, that my Dual machine is a bit too noisy, so i thought i would put it away in the cupboard!! (Have all my CDs on HD). But the only thing holding me back was this dam monitor cable, i have a cordless mouse and keyboard, which are great upto about 10 feet, but this dam monitor cable!

    Does anyone know of any developments or actually products that you can buy in the UK for this!!

    Or is there some hardware restrictions due to the data transfer?

    Cheers All


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    ive never heard of anything like that.
    but you can try cutting a neat hole ion the cabinet for the cable.

    wont heat be a issue is you put your pc in a closed space?
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    No heat would be ok, have an open back cupboard and it would be no different from having it against a wall.

    Its just i have a Dual 2.2Ghz Xeon Dell and the fans for the CPUs are a big noisy. It's ok for daily use but whn i want to snuggle up and watch a DVD, in the background Vrrrrrrmmmmmmm!! Damed annoying.



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