I'm looking to buy a relatively cheap PDA
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Thread: I'm looking to buy a relatively cheap PDA

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    I'm looking to buy a relatively cheap PDA

    I'm looking for a relatively cheap PDA, I've been looking at the Palm m105 with 8mb and Palm OS 3.5. Any thoughts on it?
    Drakion has recently had his computer go down the drain, and has ended up with a P4.

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    If you wanna go for a cheap, good investment, go for the new Sony Clie 360. It might cost a little more, $199, but it's definitely worth it. The Palm m100s were nice, but the clies are better. Specially these new 360s, OS 4.0, Memory Stick slot, rechargable battery, 16 MB RAM. I wouldn't waste money on the m105, cuz you'd end up upgrading soon probably anyways.

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    It really depends on what you want it for. I wanted a "cheap" PDA and I only wanted it for address, phone number, appointments. I brought a Visor by handspring for $129. I figured by the time I am ready to expand my demands I would then buy a newer more expensive one with the features I then would have come to know. www.handspring.com

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