Where will it all end??
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Thread: Where will it all end??

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    Sep 1999
    Southampton, England

    Where will it all end??

    So! Where will it all end?
    600, 700, 800 MHz pentiums, Athalon, 1GHz 2Ghz...... 1GbRAM

    its all too exciting for me.

    I just want the online community to explode.

    the futures bright..also probably a bit of a rip off..

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    Sep 1999
    Brasilia, DF, Brazil
    Buy a Mac
    G4... up to 4x faster than Pentium II

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    buy C-COM!

    it run more intruction code than any other computer on this planet. The fastest computer in the world, and it can also read your mind too.

    heheheh just to see if you fall for that, I made all this crap up hehehe.

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    Jul 1999
    Isn't there a rule somewhere in the user agreement with hardware central that forbids suggesting IMACs? If there isn't I think one should be made.

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    May 1999
    In era when game console are equipped with PII class CPUs even IMAC should have its little corner.
    Computer evolution has its own live or die selection.
    Soon or a later it'll do clean up for all heroes and bastards of today market.

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