I have a UPS which is made by APC that is over seven years old. At the time of purchase, I was using a 486/33 and 14" monitor. Tday I use a K26/400 and a 19" monitor. I do not have any available doc. on the APC other than it states on the back that it is good for 400 watts max.I looked at some APC backups that are 500w capacity and they are much lighter than my old one.They also reduced the amount of outlets on the back...
Does anyone have any suggestions on a good UPS and or something that would just kill your computer in a pwr outage without running the risk of your system running till the batt went dead? I would rather not have to spend an arm and leg for one if possible.
I know that the newer MB's such as mine, do
shut off with an outage but the rest of the stuff (printer,scanner, monitor etc,) could still be affected by the outage and pwr surge. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.