Suprisingly, I wasn't that pissed when I got home for lunch today and got the BSOD from my video crashing. I knew exactly what it was. CIH!!!!
I proceeded to reboot........
Please insert system diskette. Hit enter to reboot
Nothing. Everything is gone. Inserted floppy with DOS on it......
Invalid system diskette
I'm still not pissed. So I insert my Windows98 CD, and begin re-installing.

Why am I not pissed? Because Linux is on another machine. The only thing I used Windows for was Cakewalk, which I had backed up.

I have to blame something/someone. Here's my list.

#1. Norton Antivirus:
Norton has detected CIH twice. I removed it twice. Last night even. Didn't matter, it still wacked me. Norton itself got infected with CIH on the floppy last night.

#2. Me. Ok, maybe I really didn't give a **** about losing anything from a virus on my Windows machine. I also forgot to power the machine off last night, "just in case". But oh well.

#3. Windows9x. How can an OS be so poorly designed that this is even a plausible circumstance? Ever wonder why Linux doesn't have Anti-virus programs? User space. Simple concept, yet brilliant.

- Office98 - who cares? But I don't have the CD anymore, so oh well.

- Frontpage98 - Didn't really use it anyway, but it's nice to have.

- 2,000 instrument samples. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend.

I'm currently debating whether or not to throw in the towel on Windows altogether. The only reason I use it now is for a couple of games and Cakewalk. I found a similar sound editing program for Linux, but it's not as polished as Cakewalk. I also haven't played a PC game in about 5 months. (Playstation through my TV tuner card)
Comments welcome....