I'm going to upgrade my P200/66Mhz FSB mobo system. After weeks of reading reviews, following discussions, and skritching my chin I have decided to flip a freakin coin. Heads, I go super 7 w/AMD K6-2 333/112. Tails I go BX w/celeron 300A and oc til I have wood. I lean towards the AMD, just to help the "lil guy on the block" take on "the man".

Ah, but I would love some input on atx vs baby at, which cases people recommend, etc.

Come to think of it, I don't even know what form factor the BX boards come in.

I have an mini-tower at case right now. I juss luv havin to take out my hard drives to get at the mobo. (read "I'm goin out of my freakin skull").