USB is incompatible after upgrade ME to XP (HP PC)
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Thread: USB is incompatible after upgrade ME to XP (HP PC)

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    USB is incompatible after upgrade ME to XP (HP PC)

    I got a problem USB port since I wanted to upgrade her Windows to XP. I setup WXP by upgrading from ME.
    After the installation is done. I check any problem in device manager, and I found that the USB is not working.
    I need some help from somebody help me fix the USB.
    My PC is HP pavilion which come with the recovery cd for WME. Is that a problem why my USB port is not work in WXP?

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    Upgrading will likely cause such problem and the best thing to install Xp is by doing a clean install.

    Try to remove the USB devices from the Device Manager and later restart the system. XP should redetect the USB port and install the correct driver for it.

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    Agreed with Berseker, a clean install (format C:\) or uncheck the USB root in Device MAnager or just uninstall it and restart comp.
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