Hi all, my uncle recently bought a HiVal dvd drive and so far, it works just fine. However, while booting, he gets a error message which says:

"Host SCSI Adapter can't communicate with the drive"

"Check SCSI ID on drive"

"No CDRom/Dvd rom drive found
Device Driver not installed"

It is not a SCSI drive, so what is it talking about? Plus the drive works fine in Windows 98. Here is the specs for his computer.

Pentium II 300
i440ex gigabyte motherboard
160mb ram
Iomega Cd rw
HiVal dvd rom (both on same ide channel)
Soundblaster Awe 64 Gold

Just annoying that he gets this message since the drive works fine, but surely it is something stupid.

Any thoughts?


TBird 900/200 @ 1Ghz/266
Iwill KK266
128mb Crucial PC133 CAS2
Visiontek GeForce 2MX
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
56k modem
Epson Stylus 600
Optiquest Q95 19"
Win 98