Hi everyone. I have a problem. My hard drive is working fine, BUT, now whenever I right click on a folder/file, to rename it, or delete it, etc, my floppy disk drive goes nuts and asks for a disc to be put in my D:\ drive (CD-ROM drive!).

I ran my virus scanning software (all virus definitions up to date!), and it says that "Master Boot Record Error - Unable to read from the Master Boot Record.".

There's no virus on my computer according to my virus scanner, so I am wondering what the problem is. Scan Disk can't find any problems either, and games, etc, work fine and the hard drive speed is as fast as normal. I haven't "played around" with any files either. One thing though -

Please help, this floppy disk drive noise whenever I click on a file is driving me mad. It's a new hard drive so I doubt it's faulty.

Hmmm, I have Windows ME, and I just checked, and some of my "active desktop" icons/screens have changed to Windows 98 images. I am assuming it's not a hardware problem, but possibly driver/windows file problem. I do NOT want to have to re-install Windows ME if possible...

Thank you!

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