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Thread: CD-RW

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    I got a CD-RW drive on my computer. It can read normal CD-Roms and Audio CDs alright but recently i want to put some data on a CD-RW but when I double click on my F Drive (My CD-RW Drive) with my CD-RW in it. It says "F:\ is not accessible Incorrect Function." I tried it with my friend's disks and it still shows up like that. Am i doing something wrong here ?

    BTW the disc i bought was 4X-10X Speed 74 min 650MB

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    Unless you've installed packet-writing software like DirectCD, InCD, or the like, you won't be able to access an erasable disc simply by double-clicking on it. You'll need to write to it as if it was a write-once disc, with mastering software (like Easy CD Creator, Nero, etc).

    If your drive does not support high-speed erasable media (that is, the drive's erasable speed is limited to 4x) you will not be able to use the 4x~10x discs, despite their 4x rating, with any software.

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    only if the original data was written by INCD or DirectCD you need to have a reader installed, if its just a normal data session on a CDRW then you don't.

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