mx300 vs AC ' 97 Compliant 3D Audio CODEC
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Thread: mx300 vs AC ' 97 Compliant 3D Audio CODEC

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    mx300 vs AC ' 97 Compliant 3D Audio CODEC

    I just installed a new asus p4b motherboard which has an AC ' 97 Compliant 3D Audio CODEC built in. How does this built in sound compare with my old mx300 sound card? I mostly do gaming and the mx300 has always sounded good.

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    I have never used a sound card but I am getting a little def also. Anything I hear sounds good.

    I suppose you will have to tell us how your system sounds and compare it to the old card.

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    I get crackling noise in some games and movies when using AC97 onboard so I am sticking with my SB Live

    I guess MX 300 would still be a lot better then AC97

    the only onboard sound I would consider using at the moment is the one on the Nforce

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