Best CDRW?
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Thread: Best CDRW?

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    Best CDRW?

    im in the market to replace my slowass 4x2x24 cdrw.

    im looking for a cdrw that i can burn at FULL SPEED and never have a problem playing the cd.

    the current cdrw i have now, i have to burn at 2 speed cause if i burn at full speed, they never work.

    so can anyone recommend a good cdrw?

    i also heard about this "underrun protection" thing on newer ones as well. Whats with that?

    thanx again everyone!!

    My PC:
    Asus A7M266 Motherboard
    Amd Athlon 1.2 gig Cpu
    512 PC2100 Ram
    120 Gig 7200rpm 8mb Buffer
    GeForce4 4200 Ti 128mb video card
    Terratec 24/96 sound card
    Fong Kai 320 case with 400watt PSU

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