Got $450 to spend and looking for best digital camera to buy. OPINIONS?
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Thread: Got $450 to spend and looking for best digital camera to buy. OPINIONS?

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    Got $450 to spend and looking for best digital camera to buy. OPINIONS?


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    What kind of pictures do you plan on taking?

    For example, which would you rather have: a camera that can take very high resolution pictures (4.2 megapixels) or would you rather have a camera with a powerful optical zoom (10x)?

    There are a lot nice cameras you can get with a $450 budget, but you're going to have to pick and choose which features are important to you. You likely aren't going to get the 'full meal deal' for $450.

    Personally, I'm thinking about getting either an Olympus C-700 or C-2100 because I'll make more use of a good 10 power zoom than the ability to take pictures at resolutions suitable for making poster prints...


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    I'm thinking about getting the Fuji FinePix 2800. 2.0 million pixels w/ 6X optical Zoom for $330

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    $450 - I would buy an Olympus 510zooom, takes great pictures, and a new 60gb hard drive to store the pictures on.

    I have had great service form the Olympus digital cameras purchassed. Take a look at them.

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    I like Canons. I just bought a Powershot A20 and it's pretty nice.

    I'd try to find one that takes Compact Flash cards. They're realtively inexpensive and you can get them up to 512MB.

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