I just assembled a new box, but CD-ROM tray will not open. CD-ROM is detected at the initial boot up, the light comes on, and it sounds like it spins - but the tray will not open after I press 'eject' button.
I've tried several different IDE cables, tried switching from secondary to primary and back, I bought a new drive - but with no success. I've tried to elliminate IDE/ATAPI incompatibility and started the machine without IDE cable connected, still I can't open the tray. I know for sure that CD-ROM drives are good(new and old), since they work fine when I plug'em into a different machines. I can probably open it with a paper clip, but that only be a temporary solution to a problem. The only remaining thing is Power Supply, but again the light comes on and it sounds like the drive is spinnning.
I am completely lost at this point, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Len