Strange HP printer problem
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Thread: Strange HP printer problem

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    Strange HP printer problem

    My wifeís HP895Cse printer will not print after it has been on a while (havenít timed it). It prints OK after the puter is turned on, but after a while it (the printer) must be cycled off and back on to print. When it is cycled off & on any spooled print jobs print without any user input required. Print quality is good when it does print.

    Installed it on my puter and it still has the same problem. My HP882 (practically the same machine) works OK on both puters.

    Both puters are using Win XP home with latest XP updates and HP XP driver. It worked OK with Win98se. Both puters are networked for cable but neither printer is selected to be shared.

    Thanks for any help, Bill

    Forgot to say earlier - am using a USB connection but plan to try a LPT in the morning.

    XP1600 1.4@1.64
    AK31 v3.1, MC462
    256MB Crucial PC2100 Cas 2
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    Matrox G-550 & VG151b LCD
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    Linksys 10/100

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    AMD 9950 Quaad-core processor
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    Antec Sonta case
    BFG 8600GT 256MB video
    Samsung 940bx 19" LCD
    Samsung SH-S203B DVD
    On board NIC
    SB Audigy sound
    XP Pro 64 bit

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    My HP 930 had some glitchy problems on USB but is solid as a rock on LPT. Make sure you use an IEEE1284 bi-directional cable. Almost all printer cables sold in the past few years are OK, but sometimes folks use something they have had laying around for a while and are disappointed.

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