How do I backup my HD using Nero?
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Thread: How do I backup my HD using Nero?

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    How do I backup my HD using Nero?

    I would like to backup my HD using a CDRW, using Nero Software. I tried backing it up, but its asking for a second CDRW. Can any one please give me step by step info on how to backup my HD to a CDRW, also after I format my HD, how do I restore everything back to my Pc.

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    I havenít used Nero for a while, but last time I used it there was not a cloning applet. You might need a drive cloning program like Ghost or Drive Image.

    Those programs let you make a special boot floppy or make the CD bootable so you can restore your boot drive.

    I know where you can get Ghost for $11 if you are interested.
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    Nero has a hard drive backup utility, but it isn't a true imaging solution (it can't do in-use files). That said, it's better than nothing.

    When it asks for a 2nd disc, has it recorded to the first one yet? It's very unlikely that your entire hard drive would fit on one CD.

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    I gave up on the idea of using Nero to back up my hard drive when I also realized it is not an imaging solution. It's simply a backup, and would require countless CDs to back up my hard drive.

    I use Norton Ghost for imaging and find it to be a godsend. For my data, apps and drivers I simply burn them to CDs. But I make NO attempt to back up a fully-loaded system. It's just way too big with about ten 600MB games loaded at any time, it's a lost cause. But using Norton Ghost I can be fully rebuilt in a couple of hours. If you truly need to back up a fully-loaded system, get a spare hard drive (and Norton Ghost) and do a disk-to-disk image.

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